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Beginning Experience Weekend

The Beginning Experience Weekend creates a space for separated, divorced and widowed persons to re-evaluate themselves and their lives, and to look to the future with renewed hope. The theme of the weekend is "CLOSING THE DOOR GENTLY ON THE FORMER MARRIAGE, IN ORDER TO MOVE ON."

The Weekend is for people who have worked through the initial stages of grief (anger, despair and rejection) and for those who have found themselves stuck at a point in their single life. Recommended time from the loss before a weekend is one year for the widowed and six months for the divorced or legally separated.
BE Retreat Center

Small Group The format of the weekend focuses on getting in touch with feelings and expressing them. There are presentations by team leaders related to feelings and stages of growth worked through by the now singled person. Following each presentation there is a period of private written reflection followed by dialogue in small groups. The small groups are made up of four to five participants and two trained facilitators. In your small group, you decide which part of your written reflection you wish to share with your group. There is no pressure to share anything you do not feel comfortable sharing.

The Weekend begins Friday evening at 7:30 p.m. and concludes at approximately 4:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon. Due to the structure of the weekend, it is essential that you plan to be present for the entire Weekend.

Cost of the weekend - $100 semi-private sleeping room - $125.00 private sleeping room, which includes a $50 registration fee sent with the application to the Center for Family Formation. Financial arrangements can be made - no one is excluded due to financial difficulties. The deadline for applications is one week (Friday) before a Weekend.

2018 Beginning Experience Weekends
Spring: April 13-15
Fall: October 19-21
What people have said about their weekend:

"I left this experience with a peace I have not felt in years."

"I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted from my heart and shoulders."

"It is a physical and spiritual feeling of healing, forgiveness and acceptance. I truly feel God entered my heart."
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Five Stages of Grief
Denial: An initial feeling of numbness, then thinking, "This cannot really be happening to me."

Anger: Feeling of rage against God, the former spouse, others, and even one's self.

Bargaining: with the former spouse to "patch things up," or with God to "take this problem away."

Depression: Feeling helpless, floundering, lifeless, and in extremes, even suicidal.

Acceptance: Reality of the loss is dealt with. The person grieving is at peace and is hopeful. A new beginning is experienced.